8 packages of Organic Baby Cereal
Never opened, Brand new.
We bought a lot but our baby does not need them anymore.
Best Before: Apr and May , Mar and Jun
1 x HEINZ: Organic Whole Grain Mixed Cereal
1 x Healthy Times: Organic Barley Cereal for baby
1 x Healthy Times: Organic Mixed Grain Cereal for baby
2 x HAPPY BELLIES: Organic Oatmeal SUPER Cereals with DHA, Pre & Probiotics + Choline
3 x HAPPY BELLIES: Organic Muti-grain Baby Cereals with DHA + Probiotic immunity support
*Healthy Times is an organic baby food company providing mothers with products that are USDA certified organic. You can buy them at Superstore, too.
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**HAPPY BELLIES organic cereals are very famous and popular in the US.
Good for eye and brain development for your baby as it contains DHA.
The famous Dr. Sears recommended.
We loved it is canned for less mess.
And our baby really loved this cereal!
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We buy a lot of baby food/supplies from iherb.com. They have a lot of good organic stuff there and homeopathic medicines for teething, cold, cough and a lot more that are safe for babies to take. And the shipping is very reasonable. They often offer free shipping over $40 order, too.
Here's a $5 off coupon for first time custmers in case you want to try them. YUK747